Success is not just about reaching your goals in life, it’s not about the money you have or places you’ve been. It’s about you becoming better day by day.  – Raffy Cooper profile Name: Raffy Cooper Age: 33 Occupation: Entrepreneur Country: Philippines Looking […]

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#EVERYDAY PEOPLE – Jonathan V. Sembrano

As a nursing graduate and a public servant, I believe that we need an alternative health care plan to improve affordability and coverage options for everyone. It should not be treated as a business but a top priority for Filipinos. […]

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#EVERYDAY PEOPLE – Elleazar Austria

Life is not math where you make two negatives and something positive will come out – Elleazar Austria profile Name: Elleazar Austria Age: 32 Occupation: Ux & Ui Designer Country: Philippines Circa 2015. Makati with Blic and Paksiw of Cavity Collective When asked, […]

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#EVERYDAY PEOPLE – Maria Veronica F. Galang (Mother’s Day Special)

Everyday is an adventure; a challenge – accept it and win it!! No matter how old I am; I will always be young at heart. – Ma. Veronica F. Galang PROFILE Name: Maria Veronica F. Galang Age: 45 Occupation: Manager […]

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#EVERYDAY PEOPLE – Glen E. Castañares

To be honest, I have so much dreams for the Philippines and the world, but those can only be realized through a collective effort of all of us. – Glen Castañares PROFILE Name: Glen E. Castañares Age: 27 Occupation: Guests’ […]

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