A month ago, I booked a flight to Manila. Why? Well first, the price is cheap. And it’s a chance to meet up with friends that I haven’t seen for about a year or so. 

A week prior my flight, I met these two amazing women at work who turned out to be Sales & Marketing Heads of Inflatable Island (Zambales), Dessert Museum (Manila) and the soon to open Happy Beach (Cebu). To cut this short, they invited me to visit their properties for FREE and that I can bring friends along. 

Welcome to Unicorn Island!

Inflatable Island, the biggest floating playground with over 4,100 sqm, as big as 8 basketball courts combined in a beach area making it a HUGE BEACH PLAYGROUND with slides, towers, bridges, human launchers and swings!

Not just that, they have these Bali-inspired cottages and sun beds in unicorn colors of pink and purple! Totally instagrammable – eye candy. The view alone is already worth the 3-4 hour drive. 


Location: Subic Bay Waters, National HIghway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, PH

Depth of Inflatable Island: 4 – 20 feet

Attire: Swim wears without buttons, zippers or any sharp objects such as earrings, watches or rings are not allowed


It looks so damn easy, but I tell you, IT IS NOT.


  • Swim. Swing. Jump. Slide.
  • Chill at the Bali Lounge
  • Food trip (food outside is not allowed; but they allow small meals like chips and drinks)
  • Sunset viewing
The Inflatable Playground which covers 8 basketball courts!


There are food chains right beside the Bali Lounge – you can choose from cold drinks, snacks and rice meals.

They allowed us to bring our chips and bottled water. Heavy meals (rice, pizza, etc) are not allowed.

how to get there

Inflatable Island is roughly 122 km from Quezon City; 3- 4hour ride. 

When the activity gets too tiring, you may take a break and snap a photo


  • DAY TOUR is possible, if you are coming from Manila. Bus going back to Manila is available until 10pm. Call the Victory Liner to reconfirm especially on peak months or holidays
  • You can stay on most Subic Bay Freeport Hotels with no worries. 


If staying in Manila or Zambales

Me lookin so freaking happy but is actually dead tired


0800H – Bus Ride from Cubao Victory Liner (There is no specific schedule. You will be assigned a bus number based on your arrival. You may join prior bus if it is still not full)

1100H – ETA in Olongapo; Lunch (There are food chains near the VLT – Chowking, Jollibee, Mang Inasal)

1230H – Locate the blue jeep terminal infront of Olongapo Electric Distribution Company near Chowking (few steps from VLT)

1240H –  Jeep ride to Samba Bluewater Resort

1250H –  ETA at Samba Bluewater Resort where Inflatable Island is located

1300H  – Present your purchased tickets; you can also buy tickets there but rates are higher compare to online and there are chances that slots are already sold out

1330H –  5min orientation regarding the do’s and dont’s on the Inflatable Playground

1340H –  PLAY TIME

1530H – Shower. Chill at Bali Lounge. Snacks

1700H – Pack up. Ride jeep to VLT

1730H – ETA at VLT; Dinner

1800H – Bus ride to Manila

2200H – ETA in Manila

You really need strong physique here to finish all the obstacles


  • Purchase your tickets prior your visit to the property as it gets sold out really fast. You may book it HERE
    • Rates
      • SPRINKLE – One hour pass – Php 499/person
      • SPLASH – Two hour pass – Php 549/person; Walk-in rate is Php 599/person
      • SPRAY – Half day pass – Php 749/person; Walk-in rate is Php 799/person
      • SOAKED – Whole day pass – Php 849/person; Walk-in rate is Php 899/person
    • Check time slots HERE
  • Best time to go is during dry season from October to May
  • You can wear anything comfortable BUT if you are going on the Inflatable please observe proper dress code – Swimwear without any buttons, zippers, metals
  • There is locker area for Php _____ (rate to follow)
  • 2 hour pass is actually more than enough for the Inflatable playground. I’m pretty sure you’re already tired after that.
  • Best time to “play” for me is from 330pm to 5pm, it’s not that sunny hot anymore
  • Do your warm up prior the activity. Believe me it is kinda difficult! Hahaha

EXPENSES (estimate)

Manila to Olongapo (roundtrip) – Php 424.00 (Php 212/way)

Blue Jeep from Olongapo to Inflatable Island (roundtrip) – Php 20.00 (Php 10/way)

One hour pass- Php499/person

Travel date: NOVEMBER 10, 2018

TOTAL – PHP 943.00/person

You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be.