Here’s a short shitty story; I went to Negros from Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. I landed at Iloilo International Airport as I was supposed go to work the next morning in Boracay. Pick up my work clothes and head straight to the Island. (at least that’s the plan) Prior 10 hours before my flight, I was on my way back to Puerto Princesa from a long great week in Coron, I texted (SMS) my boss that he might want to consider getting a back up shooter (I’m a wedding photographer) as I might not get it in there in time. (I noted: I’ll really make it up to you next time.) But of course I would have gotten there in time. I have estimated my time well and organized it thoroughly. Yet, being the boss that he is and being the way that I am, he replied: there might be no next time. Hence the, Lakawon Island – the Journey Continues was born. LOL

Lakawon, also called Llacaon, is a 13-hectare, banana-shaped island off the coast of Cadiz in the northern portion of Negros Occidental, a province in the Negros Island Region of the Philippines.

Photo grabbed from Lakawon FB Page


Area: 13 ha
Barangay: Cadiz Viejo
Population: 2,000
Island group: Visayas
Province: Negros Occidental


  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Snorkelling
  • Blob
  • Bring your own jetski 😆
  • Kayak-ing --is that a word?
  • Chillnuman @ Tawhai Floating Bar, haha!

Slightly Above Average

High Above Average


If there’s a so-so lunch, there should be a so-so food!

There’s an array to choose from. Just turo (point) your fingers! Haha

We weren’t really hungry so our so-so food was composed of  a couple of beers, shakes, a little bit of steamed rice and menudo (a traditional stew from the Philippines; unlike the Mexican dish of the same name, it is not made with tripe and red chili sauce but rather with sliced pork and calf’s liver in tomato sauce)

We paid a good sum of around Php 900 /$18 for a group of 5 that is. 


Negros Occidental is 1 hour and 15 mins away from Manila via Cebu Pacific/ Pal (Daily flights)


Needless to say I landed at Iloilo International Airport. It was 9ish in the morning and having no job to return to, my instincts automatically knew where to head. 

♦ You can choose from 2Go, OceanJet and Weesam 😆

♦ Schedules of trips are almost the same – 8 trips in a day. First trip is at 6am and last trip is 5pm (VV for Iloilo-Bacolod)


It is better to take a flight going directly to Bacolod City, saves you time and from there you will travel about 48 km by land to Lakawon Island.

♦ 45 mins- 1.5 hours travel time

♦ If you are in a private car it takes less) Fare is Php 53 per person (based on non-aircon buses)

♦ Entrance Fee: P100
♦ Terminal Fee: P20
♦ Pump Boat Fee: P150 per head (minimum of 10 persons and above).. but seriously pag baba mo ng tricycle (when you alight from the tricycle), prepare Php 270. Pay at the window. Magic!

Lakawon Island’s newest attraction is the Tawhai Floating Bar which is dubbed as “the largest floating bar in Asia” -Photo grabbed from Lakawon FB Page


♦ There are nipa huts and canopy tents you can rent out from Php 600.00 (good for 6 persons) up to Php1,200.00 (good for 10 persons), where you can just pay an additional Php 100.00 for every extra person.

Can I camp? Bring my own tent? The last time I check, June 16 2017. YES.


♦ Rates: 2 pax: P5,850.00 | 3 pax: P7,400.00 | 4 pax: P8,950.00 (Taxes included)
Room size: 68 sq. m. | Max Occupancy: 4
♦ Features:
 ⇒ Complementary breakfast for up to 4 persons
⇒ Lakawon Island entrance fee.
♥ 4 yrs. old and below children are free to stay in a room accompanied by a paying adult

Garden View Suites

Rates: P4,500.00 | Sea View Suites: P5,000.00 (P750.00 per head per night for extra person) .Taxes are included
♦ Features:
 ⇒ 2 Double Beds and Breakfast for 2
⇒ Lakawon Island entrance fee
♦ 4 yrs. old and below children are free to stay in a room accompanied by a paying adult

Rates: P3,500.00 | Extra Person Fee: P500.00 per head per night
♦ Features:
⇒ Good for 4-6 people

⇒ 2 Single Beds & 2 Pullout Beds

⇒ Common Bathroom


Day 1
0800H – Wake up call


0930H – ETD taxi going to North Bus Terminal (leaves every 15 mins)

1100H – ETA Tricycle Terminal to Lakawon Island

1130H – ETA in Lakawon Island

1200H – Lunch

1300H – Siesta; Photo Ops 

1530H – Tawhai Floating Bar, Drinks; some more drinks and when you’re finally sober go and jump off the deck; try the blob; pose for more pictures!

1630HSunset Viewing!!! Ooops- sorry you’re just here for day. It’s time to take a shower!

1700H –  Catch the last boat heading to the Mainland

1730H – Tricycle to Bus Terminal (where you came from) Take the first bus to Bacolod City.

1815H – ETA Bacolod City! Just in time for Dinner


⛱ So, just for a heads up, the Island gets really hot during summer and it gets too crowded on weekends. So don’t forget to bring your sunblock and avoid coming on weekends! 😂

⛱ Corkage fee applies @P50.00 I suggest just get your food at the Resto, price is pretty reasonable. Saves you the hassle.

⛱Boat Schedule starts at 7am & ends at 5pm! So if you don’t wanna stay the night, better catch the 5pm trip dude!


If there’s anything I missed (which Marjorie doesn’t normally like to happen🙊) know more about Lakawon Island, head on over their Facebook Page and see the wonders of the Boracay of Negros Occidental!!!





Bacolod City to North Bus Terminal- Php100

Bus going to Cadiz – Php53

Tricycle going to Lakawon Port – Php24

Boat going to Lakawon Island – Php150/each (minimum of 10 roundtrip)

Terminal fee – Php20

Resort Entrance Fee – Php100

Floating Bar Entrance (optional) – Php200

Food at the Restaurant – Php500

Tricycle back to Terminal- Php24

Bus back to Bacolod – Php55

TOTAL: Php 646.00 per person

I’m still waiting for the day to regret my choices but I guess there’s nothing to regret to if in the first place, you have none. We make the best out of our worst circumstances. That’s what we do. The journey continues..

Love and some more,