Fortune Island is a 27-hectare island that lies about 14 kilometers off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas. It is relatively small that you can explore the whole island in 30 minutes.

The first thing that comes to mind when I first saw pictures of the island is the mystery on the Greek structures. I found out that it was originally designed to be a luxury resort thus they built something similar to Greek Gods temples on top a cliff.

...shot at its best; highest elevation is up to 322 ft!

It was previously owned by former Governor Jose Antonio Leviste (Senator Legarda’s ex-husband), but along with their failed marriage is the unfinished structures that remain; It has been said that they stopped on the construction due to the lack of water source and the island is prone to typhoons considering it as a negative investment.

Today, the island is under leased to a Korean Businessman and is open to public.


Adjacent bodies of water: South China Sea

Area: 27 ha (67 acres)

Highest Elevation: 98 m (322 ft)

Province: Batangas

Municipality: Nasugbu

Frolic in the creamy white powdery sands


  • Greek style photo ops – Experience the acropolis like structure – Sunset is best viewed here
  • Cliff Dive/Jump - up to 30 ft. high
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming with the fishes in the shallow waters
  • Plunge into blue deep waters
  • Kayak to the bat cave
  • Shipwreck sites
  • 30 min trek to the light house
  • SCUBA DIVE SPOTS: Blue Holes, Shipwreck, Fortune NW according to
Swim in the turquoise blue cold water of hundred meters depth!


No restaurants or stores in the island; you must bring everything 🙂 


Fortune Island is 6 hours away from Manila


• Baclaran, Buendia Station or Cubao

• 3-4 hours travel time

• Fare is Php 168 per person

• Fare is Php 10 per person

• 10-20 minutes travel time

• DAY TOUR – Php 300


• DAY TOUR –Php 3,000 good for 5 – 10 persons capacity

• OVERNIGHT CAMP – Php 4,500 good for 5 – 10 persons capacity

NOTE: You can also charter boats outside the resort at cheaper rate


Head straight until you reach Governor’s Road > Nasugbu Ternate Highway > Turn right to C. Alvarez > Head straight then turn right to Apacible Boulevard > Go straight until you reach the terminal of the resort

Exit Sta Rosa >Turn right > Head straight to Tagaytay-Sta Rosa Road > Continue driving via Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway until you reach Palico > Turn right to Palico-Nasugbu Highway >Turn right to C. Alvarez > Head straight then turn right to Apacible Boulevard > Go straight until you reach the terminal of the resort

Experience the acropolis like structure – Sunset is best viewed here


There’s no other way but to pitch tent somewhere and enjoy star gazing 🙂 The Island has a resident caretaker for minimal assistance only. Remember there is no water source in the island so you must bring water for toilet use 🙂

Contact person – Tatay Dante (0928-4538821) – care taker

Fortune Island Resort – 0917-4065860 / 0915-5047166


If staying in Batangas or Manila




0300H   Assembly Bus Terminal Buendia/Baclaran

0530H   ETA in Nasugbu Batangas

0600H   ETA Fortune Island Resort; Breakfast

0700H   Boat Travel Fortune Island

0800H   ETA Fortune Island; Pitch tent

0900H   Explore the island; Swim; Cliff Dive; Photo Ops

1200H   Lunch

1300H   Siesta

1645H   Trek to the Lighthouse

1730H   Sunset Viewing in the acropolis

1900H   Dinner; Bonfire; Camp


0500H   Wakeup; Sunrise Viewing

0600H   Breakfast

0700H   Swim; Snorkel; Photo Ops

0900H   Pack Up

1000H   ETD Fortune Island Resort

1100H   ETA Resort; Wash up

1200H   LUNCH

1300H   ETD Manila

1630H   Home

Note: If you are on a day tour, leave Manila as early as 3am and depart Fortune Island not later than 2pm to avoid strong waves


  • No water source in the island
  • No electricity
  • No decent toilet
  • No cottages
  • Limited shaded camping area so better to arrive early or visit during weekdays
  • Boat ride could be really rough; my friends experienced boat ride which took them 5 hours!
  • Parking space available at the terminal of Fortune Island (jump-off point)
  • Best time to visit from February to May
  • Day tour visitors must leave the island not later than 2pm to avoid strong waves
  • Mobile data is available for smart and globe
  • Bring your food and drinks; No stores in the island
  • Sunset is best viewed at the acropolis inspired structures
  • Take photos 1pm onwards because it could get really crowded in the morning due to day tour visitors; plus the natural lighting is much better



DIY TRIP (overnight)

RT Bus Fare Manila-Nasugbu – Php 336.00 (Php 168 per way)
RT Fare Tricycle – Php 30 (Php 15 per way)
Entrance Fee – Php 400 overnight
Boat Rental –Php900 (Php 4500/5 persons)
Food Contribution – Php 250

TOTAL – Php 1,916.00


Fortune Island is my top favorite island to-date. I fell in love with its turquoise blue cold water with visible fishes, powdery white sands, cliff diving spot, the acropolis-inspired structure, the breathtaking view at the top and it’s abandon feels! 🙂 You have to visit this island if you are a beach bum like me. I am born in Palawan and what we have in our province  (Coron and El Nido) are proclaimed as top destinations by different organizations worldwide, I couldn’t disagree with that, but there is just something in Fortune Island that I cannot unloved. It has its charm in its own ways, a rich historic tales and a promising destination to offer. Need I say more?