As a nursing graduate and a public servant, I believe that we need an alternative health care plan to improve affordability and coverage options for everyone. It should not be treated as a business but a top priority for Filipinos. – Jonathan Sembrano


Name: Jonathan Sembrano

Age: 33

Occupation: Barangay Councilor

Country: Philippines

A tough  four years as Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

When asked, what change do you want to see the world?

I guess, I would want to change the people’s perception about poor people. The rich & boastful would normally look the poor with no respect.  I guess I would only change that. I always thought that Inequality and Injustice starts from there.

Group photo with my co-workers.

What are your future hopes and dreams? For yourself? For the world?

For now, I only want to do my job if not great, then at least very well. 

 I have so much hope for myself and for my country. I really hope my journey as public servant continues to higher highs. 

There’s so much to do like provide jobs for the Bacolodnons, Health Care and a Safe Town for Business and Trade.

We try to yearly distribute school materials before the official classes starts.
...and some vitamins for the kids, to equip them physically.

It was my third year in college that we had a health care city walk project. The purpose was to find a child with a specific disease and try to help him in however way we could.

It was there I found out that we have a poor health system for the unprivileged.

Ever since, I dreamed of helping them the best way I could.

Hence, I am now.

A small pica- pica for the volunteers and for the kids after a successful project.
I try to be as early as possible when its my time for duty.

My life outside work is pretty simple. I spend it with friends and family.

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