Life is not math where you make two negatives and something positive will come out – Elleazar Austria


Name: Elleazar Austria

Age: 32

Occupation: Ux & Ui Designer

Country: Philippines

Circa 2015. Makati with Blic and Paksiw of Cavity Collective

When asked, what change do you want to see the world?

I should’ve banked more on doing art rather than love.

Myself as a Guest Speaker in MIT school in Alabang where I taught and shared to these kids my painting techniques

Success is how much you’ve contributed life if you are an artist, a father, or a person, as of now I don’t feel that I’ve contributed a lot.

What are your future hopes and dreams? For yourself? For the world?

I want to sustain myself with what I love doing which is art, and provide a sufficient life for my kid, preparing him for this world which is jaded but with a little elbow grease it can shine.

Dinner with Damien
During our group exhibit in Morong Museum entitled "Sabong" (cock fight). The concept is to make an artwork on a cock-shaped outline piece of wood (Artwork title: Vulpes Fauna)

As an artist I haven’t influenced multitude of people with my work the way Da Vinci did or the other masters.

As a father, my kid is still young, he’s got his whole life in front of him and I will not force him to be like me or someone he doesn’t like. I will do everything it takes to shape him up as a better version of myself.

As a person, well I’m like any other person who wakes up and thread the morning commute doing 9-6, hoping for a 6-9 siesta, but I guess I’m still at it; improving, failing, learning and all that fun stuff in this so called life.

We got featured in Umagang Kay Ganda for a project of NCCA in Pasay Cemetery Walls

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