They say there are always two sides of the story.

It all started in one event.

Something happened really badly and I started to cry. He is one of the event coordinators so I approached him telling him about what happened, trying to hold back my tears but I failed miserably. He hugged and consoled me by offering a piece of orange. Crying, I took it and ate it anyway (I don’t say NO to food, hehe!)

Something happened really badly and she started to cry. I am one of the event coordinators so she approached me telling me about what happened. She was trying to hold back her tears but she cried anyway. I hugged and consoled her. Not knowing what to do, I offered her a piece of orange. Still crying, she took it and ate it.

I can smell her sweet perfume and can feel her soft body. I got attracted to her in an instant.

She was so sweet crying like a baby while eating a piece of orange that I gave her.

From then onwards, we became really close and he became a part of our family.

He is really a private person and I don’t really know anything about him except that He is single.

But a guy who is single for a long time gives me the automatic idea that maybe he is a closet gay?

And because we are close, I asked him upfront if he is. He just smiled at me and laughed while hugging me.

That’s when I confirmed it all!!! Shocks! He is really gay!!!!!!!

Since then, he became my instant BFF. I tell him all my secrets including sneaking out for a coffee date and all the stuff. He screens all my suitors and at one point he helps them out by telling them the things that I want. He is really a good guy and a perfect BFF.

I always tell him that I hope he will be my boyfriend because he is such a perfect gentleman. He takes care of me every time, making sure I don’t get hurt.

When I’m working and he’s busy fooling around

He makes sure I don’t get hungry by always making my favorite food!

From then onwards, we became really close. I became a part of her family.

I didn’t tell her anything about me and the only thing she knows is that I’m single. But being single for a long time makes me for her a closet gay. And because we are close, she asked me upfront about it. I just smiled and laughed while hugging her.

How can I tell her how I feel? It’s not the right time yet so I didn’t bother to respond to her foolish question. My silence suddenly has given her that idea that I am really gay.

Since then, I became her instant BFF. She tells me all her secrets including those times that she was sneaking out for a coffee date. I get so jealous but I couldn’t tell her. But I do find ways to stop her from going. I screen all her suitors making sure that I’m still safe and they won’t snatch her away from me. At one point I pretended to help her suitors out by telling them what things to bring but actually she don’t really like those food.

She often tells me that I’m a good guy and that she hopes I will be her Boyfriend. At the back of my mind, this girl really doesn’t have any idea at all. But it’s not yet the right time to tell her all these things. I’ll continue to be her friend and I will make sure she doesn’t get hurt. I’m really hoping one day I can tell her how I feel.

And then something happened…

He started texting me when he is drunk. Often, he tells me I’m pretty and that he really likes me. But the next day, he approaches me and tells me that he got drunk and didn’t know what he was telling. I always laugh at him thinking how my gay friend thinks I’m a guy when he is drunk.

Do I really look like a guy? I constantly ask him and laugh




I couldn’t control it anymore. I wanted to tell her everything. If I don’t do it now… When? I took all my courage and started texting her pretending to be drunk so if she gets angry I can easily take it back. I keep telling her she’s pretty, I keep cooking her favorite food, I even surprise her with her favorite snacks but she doesn’t seem to notice it at all. So one night I messaged her and told her I like her. I didn’t get any reply so the next day I apologized, I told her that I got drunk and that I don’t know what I was telling.

She would often laugh at me asking me if she really looks like a guy but she doesn’t have any idea how pretty she is and how I’m crazy about her.

This was the first time he went with me to meet my parents in Cebu, Philippines.

And then one night my brother, who happens to be his roommate, sent me a voice recording. It was Him drunk and confessing to my brother that he likes me. I texted him and told him how drunk and crazy he was to do that. Well, we all made fun of him because in my mind he really is a drunk gay who happens to think that his BFF is a Guy. HAHAHAHA!

And then one night her brother who happens to be my roommate thought that I’m drunk. Well, I pretended to be while I confessed at how much I like her sister. I wanted to know if it’s ok with him, he is my friend after all. I knew he was recording and that he will be sending this confession to her. BUT HECK! I really don’t care anymore. I wanted to tell the entire world that I love her. It seems okay with his brother and sure enough after a while, I received a message from her. She was telling me to get into my senses, how drunk and crazy I was to do that. They all made fun of me, but I really don’t care. All I’m thinking is that I’ve finally let it all out. And I’m happy there seems to be no problem with my revelation.

The confrontation…

We have a small gathering in the house and I invited him over. When all the festivities were done, we started drinking. Like the old drunk me, I hugged him in front of my family and told him that I wish he is a guy and that he is my boyfriend. My older brother then asked him if he likes me, and he said YES!

I laugh out so hard when I heard his answer.

Then the mood changed from a jolly celebration to a serious confrontation

Again, my older brother asked him if he likes me, and again he said YES KUYA!

Everyone was looking at me automatically and my first reaction was a big “EW!” He is gay for Pete’s sake and I don’t want a gay boyfriend.

Everybody was quiet when they heard me and I looked at him. I saw a tear that he tried to hide from me. With wide eyes I asked him if he is serious, and he gave me a nod.

My mind went blank.

How could this be? How could this happen? How can a gay friend fall in love with me? Do I really look like a guy?

With the intentions of not hurting him, I told him I’ll think about it and he smiled at me, looking at me with all hopes.

They have a small gathering in their house and she invited me. When all the festivities were done, we started drinking. As usual I’m sitting beside her. She’s a little drunk and started hugging me with her favorite line telling me she wish I’m not gay and that I’m her boyfriend.

Ah… this girl really doesn’t know that I’ll do anything to make her wish come true.

Suddenly her older brother looked at me seriously. I know this is the moment of truth and I’ve prepared for almost a year for this so when he asked me if I like her I gave him a big YES!

My nervousness soared high when I heard her laugh out loud beside me.

Again, her older brother asked me and again I said a big YES KUYA while clearing my throat.

Hoping this turns out well. She continued laughing out loud as if something really funny is going on. Not thinking about the seriousness of the situation.

We were all looking at her, waiting for her to react and all she said was a painful “EW!”

It’s as if she couldn’t accept the idea at all. I tried to hide the pain that I’m feeling. She seems to notice it and she looked at me asking me if I’m serious. I couldn’t speak anymore; the pain is just too much so I gave her a quiet nod.

Days passed by and I’m trying to convince myself that he’s a guy. It’s really hard for me doing so, and I often get advices from my family that they don’t think he is really gay.

Finally I decided to give him a chance to enter into my life.

The rule was pretty clear, if what we have don’t work out, we should always be BFFs. I’d rather lose a boyfriend than an amazing friend.

Two years since the event, we got married last April 18, 2017.

Days passed by and I’m patiently waiting to hear her say YES!

Everyday I’m trying to convince her to give us a shot but she only smiles at me.I couldn’t give up now. I know she will come around and I’ll do everything I can to make her like me. I don’t care if I need to wait till eternity.

Finally she gave me a chance. It was the happiest day of my life. I promised to love her.

My dream girl. My wife. My life.

 It was everything that I ever dreamed of. I found a perfect man who would take care of me and love me in this lifetime. Yes, men who make you feel special and put on a lot of effort to make you smile still exist but sometimes they come in different packages we never thought existed