Everyday is an adventure; a challenge – accept it and win it!! No matter how old I am; I will always be young at heart. – Ma. Veronica F. Galang


Name: Maria Veronica F. Galang

Age: 45

Occupation: Manager  – Travel Sales

Country: PH

South Korea, 2016

When asked, what change do you want to see the world?

I want to be more adventurous and carefree.  I just wish that I have learned how to swim, I never realized how beautiful nature is,  this is just one big regret in my life L  hope I can reincarnate and be like Michael Phelps 🙂 hehehe

Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

What are your future hopes and dreams? For yourself?

For a mom like me, my only son is my concern.  I have reached my zenith, I do not wish anything for myself;  just for him, I always pray that he will have a good life – a family – a very good “caring wife” and kids – plenty of kids!!

...for the world?

Peace! Clean Air and Overflowing Water for the rest of our lifetime

Hongkong with my husband and loving son
Welcome to Japan! 
God gave me more than I ask for – I have a fulfilling job, I am married, I have a son, a car, my own house and have traveled in and outside the country.  I know that there are other things ahead of me,  but I am already contented and secured myself till I retire  – maybe for some, this is shallow – but this is me and I have achieved it!

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