What is the most unforgettable moment in your life?

Someone asked me this and it startled me.

How can I choose a specific time period in my life when my whole 20s is actually a hell of a roller coaster ride?

It all started when I got pregnant at the age of 20. You probably have guessed it by now but yes, it was with the wrong guy. I’m not trying to be judgmental here but we fight a lot, argue relentlessly even the tiniest bit non-sense stuff. It just didn’t work out.

Like every short-lived relationship that fails, ours lasted a month. Cutting off the relationship with the father of my child was probably one the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’m glad that my parents supported me through it all, even when I decided to raise my child alone. They both never gave up on me. From that moment they found out about my pregnancy, until I and my boyfriend broke up.

Only six months right after I gave birth at age 21, we won a jackpot prize in a big time lottery. I never imagined that in a blink of an eye our lives could dramatically change forever. We bought properties in the outskirt of Metro Manila. A two-story contemporary inspired home, brand new cars and we also invested in variety of small businesses such as apartments and taxis to name a few. I even went back to College to finish my Bachelor’s Degree.

Life seems easy after all.

Money starts flowing coming from all directions but then, you will also wonder which direction it all went. People would normally say, abundance received without hard work will easily fade. And all you can do is wait and watch it turn to dust one day at a time.

Indeed, it is true.

Indeed, it is all fading to dust. In an almost blink of an eye.

Needless to say, we sold everything that came from the lottery. And yes, I mean EVERYTHING. We are back to square one. How it happened? I also have no idea.

Guys come and guys go. We thought they are the one until they prove us otherwise. I’m in college; I have no money, no house, no car and no boyfriend.

Heartbreak after heartbreak, I revolve myself around school works, my books and my child. After all, who am I to expect someone great to accept me and my kid? All this time, I still carry the shame of my youth. A never-ending disgrace.

Life never seems to amaze me.

Until one unexpected time...

A blessing in disguise.

A blessing that you never really prayed for. God still send someone special to your way and that someone will change your life the unimaginable way. Someone who will love you wholeheartedly, including everyone in your life. Someone who will love your child like his own. Someone who will sweep you off your feet and will give you the whole damn zoo as the lyric of a song would say.

And I know, he is the right person for me. We’ve been together for almost 6 years now and about to tie the knot in a few months. Can you hear the wedding bells already? 🙂

I am now 29. I have the sweetest kid, responsible fiance, loving parents and an amazing life ahead.



When you already learned to accept your short-comings and find perfections in the imperfect. You started to look at your troubles as though you were in an airplane. At 25,000 feet that even the rocky steep mountains don’t look so tough… A thousand feet depth of sea just look as beautiful and safe as a blue tub. I learned this mindset the hard way but all I know is that God loves me so much that He allows hardships to toughen me for the long journey ahead. And I know I will make it because my God is with me.