Lalalats originally came from Life at Twenty Something. Both M and G are twenty-something. But soon they realized that they need to have a unique name for their domain, thus shortening it to LATS. Unfortunately, they found out that Lats is a muscle and they don’t wanna be mistaken as a website for muscles. 🙂 They decided to add flare to it and bought a domain lalalats.com as it is now.

Lalalats has been regularly posting travel guides, tips, tales and tributes based on personal experiences. We would like to describe it as a community of everyday people with passion for tourism, photography, marketing, digital arts and of course learning beyond textbooks.



content writer / Graphic designer / SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER

She used to work in a luxury ship where she was able to explore new places for free. As she yearns for new learning and stability, she decided to move back in the Philippines to work as full time Sales and Marketing Professional. She is mostly involved in targeting sales revenue, growing the market of the company through various digital tools and handling corporate and government accounts. Being a traveler by heart, marketer by profession and graphic artist on the side, she has finally ventured on showcasing her passion in one avenue, hence Lalalats was born.



She used to work freelance in Qatar. She's into events and marketing, but being the way that she is, she took a leap of faith and pursued her passion in photography. She works in Boracay, in one of the finest wedding team as a shooter. As she embrace on her new journey, she finds happiness in taking care of her chicks, baking, sharing stories through her photos and videos and continuously annoying her co-founder Marjorie along in their blogging life.

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