Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province (PH)

Lalalats went to Quezon Province last May 2017 for Jomalig Island and Pahiyas Festival (click here to read blog post), Cagbalete is on our list but due to work schedule, we failed to tick this gem off our bucket list. :/

Surprisingly, a friend of mine, Ayie Torres, just recently went to Cagbalete (DIY and SOLO backpacker, yeah, that’s my girl!) on June 18, 2017… and I’m giving the floor to her 🙂



Quezon Province is so worth the 5+ hours travel time from Manila. Batangas and Zambales? It’s high time that you try something new. Go to Cagbalete Island and make your weekend a tranquil escape.


Blue clear waters of Cagbalete Island




Cagbalete is an island located six kilometers northeast of Mauban (in Quezon Province).

It’s the perfect place to de-stress from the toxicity of Metro Manila. Just lie on the shore, connect with nature, write poems, and enjoy the peaceful island life away from the crowd. What I mostly love in this island is its remoteness as this is the farthest island from the rest of Mauban.


The clear water is rich in marine life where you could swim with starfishes!


The clear blue waters of Cagbalete looks like a big swimming pool 🙂



To get there:

  • From Manila
    • Take a bus in Buendia (LRT G. Puyat) bound to Lucena Grand Terminal; Travel time is 4 – 5 hours (Php 220.00) *First trip is 4am
      • Note: There are also trips in Cubao
    • Alight at Lucena Grand Terminal and take another bus bound to Mauban; Travel time is 20 mins (Php 60.00)
    • Ride a tricycle going to Mauban Port; Travel time is 10 mins (Php10.00) 1 tricycle is Php 40 (max of 4 pax)
    • From Mauban Port, take a tricycle going to Sabang port; Travel time is 5 mins; (Php 10.00)


    • Ride the public boat to Nilandingan Cove; Travel time is 1.5 hours (Php 200.00) ***Php 500.00 for private boat


Note: This could be rough sail as you will cruise over Pacific Ocean.Prepare for a rollercoaster ride 🙂 Take bonamine as needed. Take the earliest trip (10am) as possible because when low tide hits, the water recedes and the boat will not be able to drop you off at the shore.

  • Boat sched
    • 10am and 4pm (Mauban to Cagbalete)
    • 730am and 1pm (Cagbalete to Mauban)


If you’re not much a swimmer, always wear your life vest please




Bring your tent and pay Php 200 overnight fee. You can also rent their tents for Php 300 including entrance fee. I stayed in Nilandingan Cove 🙂

There are about 8 resorts in the island which costs from Php 500-1000 for room accommodation.


OR BOOK HERE (if staying in Manila)








  • Bring powerbanks! Electricity runs from 6am-6pm only. Most resorts have generators until 12pm.
  • Bring bottled water to avoid paying higher price at the island.
  • There is cellphone signal but is limited to 3G only for both networks.
  • Wake up early for sun rise and enjoy swimming while it’s high tide.


Contact Person: Kuya Jimlet – (0948) 448 8611


A peaceful siesta in the island


Swim with the starfishes 🙂


Blending in with the blue water 🙂



Bus Fare (Buendia – Lucena)      Php 220.00        (RT – Php 440.00)

Bus fare (Lucena – Mauban)       Php 60.00         (RT – Php 120.00)

Tricycle to Mauban Port             Php 10.00         (RT – Php 20.00)

Tricycle to Sabang Port              Php 10.00         (RT – Php 20.00)

Public Boat to Nilandingan Cove Php 200.00        (RT – Php 400.00)

Environmental fee                      Php 50.00

Overnight Fee                            Php 200.00

Meals (optional) bring your food   Php 0.00

TOTAL: Php 1,250.00


What a wonderful time to just rest on the hammock!







If you want a laid-back and peaceful beach, this is the perfect place for you. Swim in the pristine beach, walk in the white sands, write poetry under the coconut tree or while lying on the hammock, dive under the clear blue waters and say hello to the starfishes and other marine life. This is exactly the way of living; work hard but travel harder. You only get to enjoy the other side of the world when you travel far away from the concrete jungle of the metro.




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